Sep 1, 2013

Bands In Deathrock Around The World: Sinestësicos

Sinestësicos started on january 2012 with the aim of creating music that isn't being played anymore. Influences from the 70's and 80's punk and post-punk from bands all around the world. The band started with Lu at drums and Johann on guitar jamming and searching sounds and posibilities. The band played their first gig on an event against criminal death, organized by some friends from a local environmentalist group on April 2012 and played a second show on june in La ''Fêtida'' Musique!, also in their hometown. On june, 2012, the band released and with three songs titled Σινεςτεςικος.

As now, Sinestësicos is recordings their second release, that will be released as a single containing 2 new songs.

Σ Johann (Voix & Guitar)
Σ Lu Ţo (Drums/Vocals)
Σ Andrés (Bass)