Jul 11, 2013

Review: Last Dusk – Trismegistus

Write by Tribe Mian

“Scarlet Woman”, is the title of the post-punk track that opens Trismegistus, the Last Dusk EP.

Although the deep voice of singer/bassist Carfax Haddo gives a Gothic Rock (almost Nephilimesque) touch to the song, it’s guitarist Darien Castillo the one who’s spreading that 80’s feeling in the atmosphere.

Last Dusk were formed in Costa Rica in 2011 and although I was told that there is not a big scene in this country, “Scarlet Woman”, which was first released in December 2011, passed the boarders and found its place in the Sombrati Records (Brazil) compilation “Collection V.1” in 2012.

“V” is the title of the second track.
A Gothic Rock track that finds Julio Salazar playing an interesting bass line to the mid tempo rhythm of drummer Paola Cascante while Castillo’s guitar reveals some Deathrock notes in the background.
Carfax Haddo’s deep voice is in a very good balance with the keyboard sound hidden in the background.

“V” premiered on the band’s Facebook page in the early 2012.

“Evocation” is the closing track, opening with a guitar riff that follows the steps of bands such as Bolshoi, The Mission UK and many more…
Carfax Haddo sings with a passion that reminds me of Jyrki, the singer of Two Witches.
Although the presence of the keyboard is now more obvious, the band is avoiding the extensive use of it in order to give us an old school Gothic Rock track.

My guess is that things must be difficult for a Gothic Rock band in Costa Rica and this makes this release even more special as these guys try to keep the spirit alive no matter what.

Gothic Rock fans will enjoy this release, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.