Mar 31, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: Digital Angel

Digital Angel was founded in 2006 by Steffan (co-founder of synth-pop band d'Archangel ,composer and lyrics writer).
Alvar(keyboards,programming) and Jaca(guitar) joined the band soon.
After 4 years of successful cooperation their debut album - "On The Side Of The Angels" was released by independed label Alchera Visions. It contains 12 songs. Release date - 13/09/2010.
Album is available here:
In 2011 Krzysztof (bass guitar) and in 2012 Piotr (drums) joined the band.

Krzysztof Steffan Kmieć (Vocals, Lyrics)
Krzysztof Alvar Witos (Programming, Keyboard)
Jacek Jaca Romanowski (Guitar)
Krzysztof Tułecki (Bass Guitar)
Piotr Szuba-Paszkiewicz (Drums)
Paweł Paszkiewicz (Guitar)