2013 Projects

I'm three compilations projects in mind for this year and also a tribute for next year, but I want him to start preparations now. The first is a compilation of Brazilian and goth bands would be nice to have an amount from 17 to 20 bands. The second is a compilation of Peruvian and goth bands would be fantastic to have an amount between 13 to 20 bands. The third would be a compilation of Mexican bands and also would like to count on an amount between 13 to 20 bands. The tribute was the Brazilian band "Elegia", since next year the band celebrates 25 years.
Others projects:
-DreamScape (Ambient compilation)
-Gothic Rock Around The World - vol II, III, IV & V
-Deathrock Around The World (hopefully deathrock bands are interested in participating)
-Sombrati Records: Collection II (Sombrati Records bands compilation)
-Latin America Goth Songs III & IV (Latin America bands compilation)
-The Passion of Gothvers - Goth Under Will (Goth bands covers compilation)
-New bands releases