Oct 30, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: Vampyr Exsequiae

Vampyr Exsequae is a gothic rock band from Quito with classical influences and formed by a single person: Andrés Guarnizo, that sought to transform music in his verses. Decided to take a step further and form a band to perform tests and live performances, due to lack of support for training has been modified several times. His music: La voz de los muertos was included in compilations such as Quito Siniestro Vol 1 and The New Blood of Goth.
It is possible to say that makes Vampyr Exsequiae long as its melody was always present in everything that was done.
The influences range from gothic rock of the end of the 70s to classic melodies. Always present in the expressionist image that is passed, the band's name originates from the surrealist film Vampyr (1932).