Sep 16, 2013

Bands In Deathrock Around The World: †13th Moon†

Outstanding Deathrock Beast From The Far East.
Come and witness the decadently twisted †13th Moon† circus freaks and dance...
†13th Moon† was formed in the end of 2006.
They are one of the 1st new generation deathrock bands created in Japan since the Japanese "Positive Punk" movement of the 80's (spearheaded by legendary bands like Auto-Mod, Madame Edwarda, Phaidia etc.), bringing renewed theatrics and darkness to the genre.
Not only in Japan, but also They have Played in Portugal, Lithuania, Greece and Germany for Drop Dead Festival and neighboring countries.
Let's dance to the death...

nAo12xu : sing, bass
Amuca: guitar
eyescreaM: Synth
Hammer: drums