Jul 11, 2013

Review: Amautica – El Centro Secreto (EP)

Review by Tribe Mian

Amautica is a duo from Buenos Aires Argentina, consisted from writer-novelist Eugenio Caceres who does the guitar and the voices and drummer Romina Dusk. They play post-metal with touches of Bay Area thrash with lyrics in Spanish.

With a natural talent for writing, Caceres deals with his inner conflicts through his songs while also getting inspiration from his favourite novelists. It is a pity for us non-Spanish speakers that he sings in Spanish, we surely miss a lot of the feeling.

There is a DIY scene all over “El Centro Secreto“, something that honours this ep with extra credits. The guitar riffs are as thick and steady as post-metal demands following simple and not complex melodic routes. On top of this concrete wall you have a dark and sometimes sad voice which nicely supplements Amautica’s vibes.