May 18, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: Horse and Hattock

Horse and Hattock start in 1993, and there is not a genre defined.
Fabio Hattock is a founder and the unique original member.
“Horse and Hattock” became associated with witches via Isobel Gowdie, a Scottish witch who was on trial for witchcraft in 1662. In her detailed confessions, she spoke of how she used the phrases "Horse and Hattock in the Devil's Name" and "Horse and Hattock, Horse and go, Horse and Pellatis, Ho Ho!" in order to fly by mounting a broomstick: "Then they would put a strae between their legs, cry — ‘Horse and hattock in the Devil’s name!’ and flee awa owre the muirs and fells."

Fabio Hattock