May 18, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: Das Projekt

Das Projekt, in a still very distant past as "Krummen Mauern" is one of the oldest gothic rock bands in Brazil.
Began in 1991 with the name "Santos Pecadores ", and we have released as "Sinners From The Hollow Valley," participated in compilations such as "Violet Carson" and "De Profundis" and released the 1st album "Romantic and Metaphysic" the Batcave Records.
The band is very strong and stronger reference in its style. Along with his current lead singer since 2006 (M Kpta) The other members of the remnants and DPDKM (Edu Krummen / Call / Ge Lucas), do their part perfectly, along with a drum machine that gives one something of a "doctor avalanche " the sound of them.
Another detail is that, despite joining the gothic rock "stronger", the band does not border the metal at any time, always keeping more danceable rhythms, and travelers, and no wonder they made a version of the Rosetta Stone also time, one of the leading bands of this line of gothic rock that borders the electro-gothic ...
After an interval, in 2009 the band released the EP "Arabian Beauties", this includes the classic "Seventh Day", also remixed version of the extra band "A Industrya ".
The following year, another EP "Betrayal" with the excellent cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky (J.Cash / Burl Ives) and Unknown Pleasures extra track with vocals of Claudia " The band Scarlet Leaves ".
Come this year's debut "The Crownless Again Shall Be King" by Pisces Records label with distribution by national and international stamps Wave Records

Kpta (Voices)
Call Lament (Bass)
Edu Krummen (Guitar & Acoustic Guitar)
Gê Lucas (Guitar)
Fräulein Beat (Drum Machine & Sequencer)