May 18, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: Cold Remembrance

Atmospheric Goth Metal Band from Athens (Greece), first created during the winter of 2004 by guitarist V-Angel and keyboarder Romanos. Having departed from former bands, we came with the idea of creating music that would express our inner and deeper emotions, as a mean to balance the ''Damages" daily life does to us. Our entire philosophy springs out of our sentimentalism and frailty according to the loss of every feeling and value in peoples lifes. People speak about a better place, about ways to imrove the quality of their lifes when there is so much agony, pain and loss in the whole world. These are some of the ideas that inspired our first album, which shall be ready by the end of the year. Thank you all for the support, love and affection and above all....''Remember''....never forget who we are and how we get here.

Romanos (Vocals, Keys)
V-Angel (Guitars)
Cristopher (Bass)
Jim (Drums)