Mar 29, 2013

Bands in Gothic Rock Around The World: The Ex-tracks

As a young child Samuel had a piece of his tongue cut out, at the tender age of 9.As a teen he would making music in his bed room .From the years 1997 to 2005 he started to develop his sound in salt lake city UT . 2007 he was in the band called Grave midnight with friends Dan Abbott and Jeffrie A. Moir. After a short while Dan went on his own keeping the name Grave Midnight. Then 2008 Samuel started his solo Project calling it Samuel Demon with friend jeffrie A moir who started his own solo Project soon after .And 2008 Samuel released a song call look in my eye for a movie called ‘’killers from deep space’’ by mad Angel 2008 Samuel moved to Las Vegas NV, where the Band got the name “Hong Kong Debonairs” from a friend Named Damian who was starting to play bass for the project .Sadly the Hong Kong Debonairs never caught on after Damian leaving to join another project ‘’Midnight Feature’’.And once again Samuel was alone and started to use the name The Ex - tracts after Damian leaving 2010 The Ex - tracts was in Gothic Magazine 2011 he join up with friends M-dot Prune and Nightchild A. in the project called M-D. N. A. A few weeks after joining Samuel was grazed by a stray bullet, only a part of the bullet want in to his arm and later it did not work out with M-D. N. A. In the mid of Aug 2011 The Ex – tracts got singed to Zorch Factory Records. And is working on new songs ..

Samuel Demon (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboardist)
Kelli Rocket (Drums)